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Anonymous asked 6 months ago
hi , i m 26 year old nd i m married since 2 year , i m suffering by pimple, red nd dark sport from five year, i have already cured three times by skin specialist nd i solve this problem for temporary  but after completing the course after three or four months problems raise as it is..so many say me medicine not good for health its effect on time of pregnancy so i dont want to do that again, i m so frustrated now with this problem. my skin is so oily nd i never do bleach , facial or any parlor treat on my face bcoz my skin so sensitive. i had try it only one-time result comes after pimple comes more..so i never do again. plzz i humble request to you that give me some home remedy for getting freedom permanently.
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sneha snigdha Staff answered 4 weeks ago
not to worry ..just follow these tips 1.take some baking soda mixed with olive oil & exfoliate your skin for 2 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water..this exfoliates your skin, lightens dark spots and leaves ur skin clear and smooth.. 2.apply this facial pack thrice in a week – blend a ripe tomato and few cucumber slices into the blender, mix 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder and 1 tbsp of honey.apply a thick layer, before tht wipe ur skin rose water and once it dries completely wash off with lukewarm water..3.At night massage a mixture of rose water mixed with olive oil and aloe vera gel.. follow this for 10 days to get rid of dark spots..  🙂