Want to achieve amazingly smooth, gorgeously fairer underarms in 1 week?

Dark underarms can cause a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.It disrupts the appearance of the underarm skin and stops you from wearing sleeveless dress.Dark underarms are most visible on fair skin compare to dark skin.It is usually caused by sweating, accumulation of dead skin cells, shaving underarms hairs, improper cleaning and the use of certain deodorants and shaving creams.If left unattended, it can cause odor, itching and further discoloration of the underarm skin.

Treat your dark underarms with these 3 natural home remedies and reveal smooth and fairer underarms naturally. Follow these 3 steps (scrub-pack-cream) twice in a week for best results.


1.Exfoliating Rice Scrub

It’s a wonderful exfoliating scrub to control odor, sweating of your armpits and to lighten dark underarms instantly.

fairer and smooth underarms


Rice Powder
Lemon Juice
Baking Soda

Method & Direction To Use

In a small bowl, mix 2 Tbsp of rice powder, 1 Tbsp of lemon juice, 1 Tbsp of honey and 2 Tsp of baking soda.Combine all the ingredients well.Rinse your underarms with warm water to open clogged pores.Place a small amount of this underarm whitening scrub on a loofah and gently exfoliate your underarms in a circular motion for 3 to 4 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Benefits – Rice powder is a great exfoliant and a natural skin lightening ingredient.It gently removes the accumulated dead skin cell and build-up of dirt.The oil-absorbing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties helps lighten dark underarms and keeps odor at bay.Baking soda kills the bacteria trapped in the skin.Lemon bleaches and whitens the underarm skin and honey moisturizes it.


2.Underarms Brightening Gram Flour Pack

It is an effective pack to get immediate brighter and fairer armpits.It re-energize and tightens the underarm skin.

lighten dark underarms


Gram Flour

Method & Direction To Use

Place peeled cucumber slices, 2 Tbsp of gram flour and a Tbsp of yogurt into the blender and blend until you get a smooth consistency.Clean your underarms with a damp cotton and then apply a thick layer of this paste.Once it dries completely, rinse off with cool water and then massage an ice cube for 1 minute.

Benefits – Gram flour’s powerful skin cleansing properties deep cleanses the underarm area, cucumber juice brightens it and yogurt protects the skin from bacterial infection and softens underarm skin.


3.Underarms Whitening Cream

This underarm whitening cream quickly absorbs into the skin and delivers super soft and smooth skin.

how to get fairer underarms


Milk Cream
Organic Coconut Oil
Olive Oil

Method & Direction To Use

Take a Tbsp of your favorite moisturizing cream and mix a tbsp of milk cream, a Tsp of olive oil and a Tsp of coconut oil.Massage well to the underarm area to reveal softer and fairer underarms.

Benefits – Milk cream is packed with vital enzymes, nutrients and lactic acid that removes dark underarm patches and softens the skin.Coconut oil and olive oil contains vitamin E that deep nourishes and promotes skin elasticity.


  1. I would like to know how to treat tanned hands( full) and half legs and feet? How can my finger nails grow without being brittle? They tend to break every time I clean or wash clothes and dishes. Give me some good home remedies.


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