Eyes are the most beautiful and delicate part of our body.But often people neglect the importance of their eyes.They constantly spend long hours watching television and computer without giving rest to their eyes and suffer from intense eye strain, headaches and blurred vision.Today I will share with you 10 easy tips that will help you to overcome eye strain, poor eye vision and dry eye syndrome.Try these tips to soothe, relax your eyes and improve your vision.


Tip 1

As soon as you wake up in the morning splash your eyes with cold water.Repeat this for 6 to 7 times and while you do this keep your eyes open.Doing so, would clean and relieves tired eyes and also reduces dark eye circles.

Tip 2

To reduce eye strain caused due to excessive computer use or watching television follow the 20-20-20 rule.Between the 20 minutes of your work, take a small break for 20 seconds and then look at the objects that are in the distance of 20 feet away from you.

Tip 3

Hold a pencil or a pen at arm’s length in front of you.Keep your eyes focused on the tip of a pencil or pen and slowly bring it closer to your nose.Repeat for 10 times.This prevents blurred vision and improves focus ability.

Tip 4

Check out these acupressure points and yoga asanas to relax your eyes and improve your vision.

1.Place your middle finger in between your eyebrows and gently press the point for 1 to 2 minutes.It eases eyestrain, headaches and improves eyesight.

relax your eyes and improve your vision

2.Find the pressure point near to the bridge of your nose and the outer part of your eyesocket.Now place your thumbs on both the sides and lightly press it for 2 minutes.It relieves eye fatigue and eyestrain.


3.Close your ears with your thumbs, the index fingers should rest on our forehead and the rest of the three fingers should be together and rest on the eyes.Now slightly press the fingers that is placed on your eyes and take a deep breathe.Repeat this for 10 times.It eases eye strain, improves eye focus and relieves headache.


Tip 5

Do some eye stretching exercise.

– Take your eyeballs to the extreme left and right to exercise.Repeat for 5 times.It improves focus and relaxes eye muscles.

– Rotate your eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise direction.Repeat for 5 times in both the direction.It relieves eye fatigue and improves blood flow to the eye.

Tip 6

Take a big container full water and dip your face into it.Gently open your eyes inside the water and rotate your eyeballs.It cleans the surface of your eyes and improves your eye vision.

Tip 7

Pour little oil on your palm and rub the palms together to generate heat, and then place your palms on your eyes for 5 seconds.Repeat this for 5 times.It relaxes and reduces eye stress.

Tip 8

Take some aloe vera gel or herbal cream and gently massage on to your closed eyes for 2 minutes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.It helps relax muscles, soothes puffy eyes and improves blood flow to the surrounding areas of your eyes.

Tip 9

Looking at the computer for a prolonged period of time can cause eyestrain, headache and blurred vision.The reason is dryness of your eyes that is caused when you forget to blink your eyes often while using computer.Make a habit to blink your eyes frequently for 2 minutes every 30 minutes.


Basic Tips that you must follow to relax your eyes and improve your vision

1.To relieve swollen, tired eyes and to remove dark circles, soak 2 slices of cucumber or potato in cold water and place them on your eyes.

2.To improve your vision naturally, increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin A such as papaya, carrot, milk, fish and egg.Also include lot of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, drumstick leaves and fenugreek leaves that are good sources of iron.

3.Drink at least 15 -16 glasses of water to keep your eyes hydrated and fresh.

4.Wear sunglasses when you go out in the sun to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

5.Use eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated and moist.

6.Wear anti-glare glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of your computer.

7.Have a proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily.


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