Make a fashion statement with this freakin’ cool purple smokey eye look.It’s a glamorous eye look and can be easily achieved with just few simple steps.This eye look enhances your overall appearance and makes your eyes look more define, attractive and brighter.This look compliments all skin tones and goes well with any shades of purple, blue and black outfit.

purple smokey eyes


Steps on how to achieve this attractive purple smokey eyes

1.Dab some creamy concealer around your eye area, especially your under eye area, inner and outer corner of your eyes.You can either use your fingers or a soft makeup sponge to blend it for a smooth finish and to prevent any harsh lines of concealer around your eyes.

creamy concelaer


2.To set the concealer well and for a flawless finish, lightly dab silky translucent powder.It help covers blemishes and dark circles around your eyes.


3.Before you start applying eyeshadow, take a small piece of sellotape and gently apply to the outer corner of your eye moving towards the end of your eyebrow as shown in the below image.

sellotape eye


4.First start with a lightest eye color, choose a silver color and gently apply to 1/4th of your upper eyelid and to the inner corner of your eyes.It really makes your eyes pop.


5.Take a light purple eyeshadow and apply next to the lightest eye color.Make sure the color just cover the next 1/4 th of your eyelid.Blend both these colors together to prevent harsh lines.

light purple eyeshawdow


6.Next, apply a dark purple color to the rest of your eyelid.Blend both the light purple and dark purple shade slightly so there are no harsh lines.

purple eyeshawdow


7.Apply a dark blue eyeshadow to your crease, outer V and then extend half-way along the sellotape.Blend it for a smooth finish.Once you have completed, remove the sellotape carefully from your eyes.

dark blue eyeshaw


8.Take a purple eye pencil and line just next to your lower lash line, and gently smudge a bit for that purple smokey eye look.

purple eye pencil


9.Line your eyes using a black kajal to the upper and lower lash line.It defines your eyes and makes the colors appear more brighter.

eyeline eyes


10.Now using a golden pencil eyeliner, line your bottom waterline.It opens up your eyes and makes them look more attractive.

smoked eyes


11.Finish your purple smoky eyes by applying a mascara on the upper and lower lashes.For a intense look, sweep 3 to 4 coats of mascara to your upper lashes.Finally apply a light silver color eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone.Smile, you have completed in achieving this dramatic purple smokey eyes.

purple smokey eye


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