Want tempting voluptuous lips? To get your lips look more bigger and fuller you don’t need a lip plumping product or undergo any cosmetic procedure, you can achieved this with few simple steps.Here are few amazing ways that can make your thin lips looks more defined, natural and plump.

There are 2 ways that you can make your thin lips look bigger and voluptuous, one way is to go for a dull finish and other way is to have a high glossy finish.Day-time is the best to go for a velvety matte lip finish and for night prefer juicy glossy lip finish.

Steps how to get tempting glossy plump lips

bigger lips_foraywhile

Things that you need : Lipstick, Lip liner, Lip gloss, Lip balm and Concealer

Step 1

Apply a little bit of lip balm on your lips to seal in moisture.Gently massage to your lips for 3 to 4 minutes to make your lips soft and luscious.


Step 2

Pat some creamy concealer around your lips and around the edges of your mouth.Make sure to blend it properly.Concealer add an extra layer of moisture and make lips appear bigger.

foraywhile_voluminious lips

Step 3

To get more defined larger lip apply the lip liner slightly upwards over your natural lip line and then blend in the lip liner towards the middle of the lips.

foraywhile_pink line

Step 4

Choose a lip color that looks best on your skin tone.Better to go for lighter and brighter colors that make your lips look bigger and fuller.People with darker skin tone should choose shades like warm peach, caramel, beige and light pink.Colors like bright pink, warm cherry and fruity colors are the best for fairer skin tone.

featuredimage_pink lips

Step 5

When applying lip gloss go slightly outside of your natural lip border. Lip gloss makes your lips appear more voluptuous and shiny.It is used as a traditional lip plumper.

Watch the video for more details



Steps how to get perfect voluminous matte lips

pink lips_foraywhile

Things that you need : Foundation or concealer, Lipstick, Lip liner, Tissue and Loose translucent powder.

Step 1

Apply a little bit of creamy light foundation to your lips.Make sure that the foundation color is one or more shades lighter than your actual skin tone.Blend foundation properly to give a natural look and to prevent white lines appearing on your lips.


Step 2

Pick any lip liner shade that you like but prefer dark shades that include maroon, red, dark pink, coral, brown.Start by drawing slightly upward over your natural lip line and then blending slightly inwards.Do not try to extend more beyond your natural lip line that may look artificial. Do not forget to line the corners of your mouth.


Step 3

Choose a lipstick color that is one shade lighter then your lip liner color.Now apply one coat of lipstick.To give fine definition blend the lip liner in to the lipstick color with the help of a lip brush.


Step 4

Put a tissue over your lips and then dab loose translucent powder on to the tissue with the help of a brush.Powdering gives an amazing matte effect to your lips.Now re-apply lipstick and blot with tissue.


Now you are ready to rock the world with your fuller, smoother and luscious lips.

foraywhile_mattelip finish


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