Excess cheek fat can make your face look older.
But now, no more worries, say goodbye to your face fat and get sculpted, toned and slimmed cheeks.

How to Reduce Face Fat Fast

1.How to lose cheek fat fast ? – By Doing Smiling Fish Exercise

This is a great facial exercise to firm and tone your cheeks, it reduces flabby fat from your cheeks and strengthens your cheeks.This exercise targets the fat on your lower cheeks and around the chin.Suck in your cheeks to make a fish face and then try smiling while holding this posture.Stay in this position for a count of 10 seconds and then repeat for 5 times.One of the easiest and effective ways to lose face fat and chubby cheeks in 10 days.

2.How to reduce face fat home remedies ? – By Doing Face Stretching Exercise

A facial yoga exercise to stretch and strengthen facial muscles, sculpt cheekbones, release tensions, reduces the lower portion of your cheeks fat and give a slim and attractive look to your face.Relax and open your eyes and lips and stick your tongue out, try to touch your chin.Hold for 10 seconds.Repeat this for 5 times.

3.How to get rid of cheek fatBy Doing Puffy Cheeks Exercise

One of the quickest exercise to reduce fat from your upper and middle portion of your cheeks.This facial exercise strengthens your upper cheek muscles and makes your face look sculpted, lean and young.To begin with,

–First, close your mouth and blow air to puff up your cheeks.Hold for 10 seconds.
-Try to move the air to your right cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds.
-Finally, switch to your left cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds and then exhale.
-Repeat this for 10 times.

4.How to Reduce cheek fat with Face Massage

Facial massage is an effective way to reduce cheek fat, sculpt and tone your face.Excess fluid buildup causes swelling on your face and neck.Regular face massage with ginseng oil or wheat germ oil stimulates healthy blood circulation, drains lymphatic build-up and decreases water retention.

Start by following these four steps:

-Apply grapefruit oil  or wheat germ oil on your face and neck.
-Move your palms in an upward direction.Start at your chin and gently move upwards in a circular motion.Repeat for 5 times.
-Next, with your fingertips, gently tap from the corners of your lips and then gradually move towards the ear.Repeat for 10 times.
-Now, move your fingers except the thumb along your jawline, use firm and upward strokes.Repeat for 5 to 6 times.

5.Easy remedy for reducing cheek fat – Rotating Tongue Exercise

Rotating tongue exercise is a simple but yet powerful exercise to reduce facial fat.With the mouth closed, rotate your tongue in circular movements.While rotating, the tongue must touch the outer surface of your upper and lower teeth.Do this for 15 times each in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.Try it right now to see a decrease in your cheek fat.

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