Today I am back with some amazing beauty secrets that can make your skin go wow!!.These are simple refreshing ice packs that can be made at the comfort of your kitchen.

Have you ever tried rubbing chocolate ice packs or turmeric ice packs on your skin? Well, I am quite sure that you have never tried them before.Believe me these ice packs works wonderfully on your skin.Ice packs tightens the skin pores, increase blood circulation and gives you a radiant youthful skin.Simply pick these basic ingredients from your kitchen and easily make your own refreshing ice packs to get your skin glowing.Each ice packs are designed to treat your own common skin problems like aging, dullness, skin darkness, dark spots, acne marks and skin tan.

refreshing ice packs

These ice packs listed below works perfectly on all skin types, but you need to choose the one that best suits your skin.So get ready to give your skin a refreshing treat this summer.Here are the 10 refreshing ice packs for getting glowing radiant skin.

1.Chocolate ice pack

Pamper your skin and indulge your senses with the enticing aroma of chocolate.Give your skin a delicious treat of rich dark chocolate ice packs.To prepare, simply take 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate powder in a bowl and finally add 1/4 cup water.Mix it properly and pour the contents into a tray and place in the refrigerator to form chocolate ice cubes.Rub your face and neck with this chocolate ice packs.Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that fights wrinkles, moisturize your skin, reduce blemishes and skin roughness.

beauty tip – Dry skin type can use 1/4 cup milk in place of water.

refreshing ice packs_chochlate


2.Watermelon ice pack

This is the simplest ice pack that you can try at home.Take a slice of watermelon and cut it into cubes.Try to make the size of cubes no larger than the size of the ice cube tray.Allow the watermelon cubes to freeze.Watermelon contains 91% water, so when it is kept in the freezer for longer hours it transforms into watermelon ice crystals.Watermelon ice pack provides instant hydration and rejuvenate stressed out and tired looking skin.

watermelon refreshing ice packs _foraywhile


3.Rose water ice pack

To give your skin an instant freshness and visible radiant glow, try an ice pack that is made with rose-water.Just pour some rose water on ice trays and allow it to freeze.Take one ice cube and massage it gently on your face and neck.Rose water contains astringent properties that helps in reducing pimples and blemishes.It tightens the skin pores, brightens your skin tone and soothes your skin.An effective remedy for dull and lifeless skin.

beauty tip – Before applying make up rub ice cubes on your face,it helps the make up to stay for long and spreads evenly throughout the skin.

 refreshing ice packs_rose water


 4.Green tea ice pack

Green tea ice pack is one of the most amazing remedy to prevent wrinkles, fade dark spots, acne marks and to boost skin radiance.To prepare, dip green tea bag into boiling water.Remove the tea bag and allow it to cool.Now pour the contents into a tray and place in the refrigerator to form ice cubes.Take one ice cube and gently massage on to your face.Massage it for 1 to 2 minutes in circular motion.Green tea contains anti-oxidant and anti ageing properties that is beneficial for sagging skin and other signs of aging.

refreshing ice packs_green tea


 5.Milk ice pack

Milk is a natural skin whitener, it lightens and brightens your skin.This milky ice pack gives your skin intense softness and moisturization.A good remedy for extremely dry and dehydrated skin.To prepare simple pour cold milk into a tray and allow it to freeze.Take one milk ice cube and immediately rub on your face for 3 to 4 minutes.Wash your face with cold water and gently pat dry your face.

beauty tip – For best results massage milk ice cubes before you go to bed.This prevents the formation of dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and keep your skin moisturized and nourished while you sleep.

refreshing ice packs_milk


6.Lemon water ice pack

Oily skin people suffers from pimples, acne, black heads and large pores.To avoid pimples and to reduce the size of pores oily skin people can try this energizing and refreshing lemon ice pack.Lemon contains natural astringent properties that removes excess oil and kills germs and bacteria trapped in the pores thus leaving your skin clean, healthy and youthful.To prepare simple squeeze 1/2 size lemon to 1/4 cup of water and finally pour the contents into a tray and place in the refrigerator to form lemon ice cubes.

beauty tip – The best use of lemon ice packs is after exposure to the sun, as it is best in removing dark patches and tanned skin.

refeshing lemon ice packs


7. Mint refreshing ice pack

Grab a handful of fresh mint leaves from your garden and wash it well.Grind these mint leaves adding 1/2 cup water until the paste becomes smooth.Now placed this mixture in an ice tray and allow it to freeze.Pop out an mint ice cube and apply on face and neck.This ice pack refreshes the skin and provides an instant cooling effect.One of the best remedy to soothe your skin from the damaging effects of sun.

 refreshing mint ice packs_thebeautymadness


8.Orange ice pack

Want to give your skin a fruity punch? try this simple refreshing orange ice pack that can bring radiance and golden glow to your skin.Simply squeeze the juice out of the orange into a bowl and pour it into an ice tray and allow it to freeze.Rub the ice cube on your face and neck.Allow the orange juice to stay for 5 minutes before washing your face.Orange contain a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C that detoxify the skin, lightens acne scars and brightens skin complexion. 

refreshing face packs_orange


9.Turmeric ice pack

Turmeric ice pack are the most inexpensive and the easiest way to gives your skin an instant fairness.Simply grab some turmeric powder from your kitchen and mix it with 1/4 cup water.Now pour the contents into a tray and place in the refrigerator to freeze.Rub turmeric ice cubes on face and neck for 1 to 2 minutes and then wash with normal water.

refreshing ice packs_turmeric


10.Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) ice pack

It sound weird, but it is very helpful.Multani mitti ice packs are a type of instant face packs for you skin.Take 1 tablespoon multani mitti powder in a bowl, add 4 tablespoon of rose water and Mix it well.Transfer the mixture into an ice tray and store it in the freezer until it forms ice cubes.Gently rub these cooling multani mitti ice packs to form layer on skin.Leave the icy multani pack to dry for 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.This is one of the refreshing ice pack to achieve flawless and beautiful skin.

refreshing face packs_multani miti




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