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Today I am back with a product review on one of those fascinating nail colors, that undoubtedly anyone will love to own it.This is a nail polish from New U that I picked last weekend.NewU offers a wide range of shades, but the one that I have chosen stands to be the best.My search for a transparent nail polish was over after my eyes spotted on this one, without any second thought I quickly grabbed it.I love transparent color because even if it get’s worn out, it is barely visible.

newu nail polish _product review

Description of the Product (NewU Nail Polish Shade 45 Silver Pearl)

The color 45 silver pearl is an amazing transparent color.It is not like the normal tranaparent one, it comes with colourful baby glitters and silver shimmers.These shimmering and sparkling nail colors go well with any outfit you wear.The best thing about these NewU nail polish, they’re easy to carry because of it small size, non-breakable and light-weight in nature.Now coming to the the nail brush, it is not the one that you get in professional nail colors like l’oreal or maybelline, but it’s better than streetwear and Elle 18.


My First Experience with NewU Nail Polish Shade 45 Silver Pearl

I tried by applying a single coat to see how it looked.Well, in a single coat not much glitter sticked to my nails, so I applied a second coat, I really loved the shine it gave to my dull nails.I became selfish as I wanted more of glitters on my nails and therefore I applied a third coat.My nails were sealed with brilliant shine and glitters, I really loved it.Even after applying 3 coats it didn’t take enough time to dry my nails.The liquid appeared thick because of the glitter particles on it but it was smooth, easy to apply and finish was gorgeous.To be lucky the nail polish last 4 days without chipping.

newunail polish_ beautifulnails


Watch the video to find out how it looks


1.Brilliant sparkle and shine.

2.Last longer.

3.Easy to apply.

4.Can be worn with any outfit.

5.Cheap and Affordable.

6.Easy to carry


8.Quick drying

1.Nail brush is not so professional.

2.Liquid appears thick, so chances it may become more thick with time.

Volume of the Product – 5 ml

Price – Rs 50

Product Rating – 4/5


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