5 Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity


Obesity and overweight is one of the biggest problem that millions of people are facing today.As provided in the WHO fact sheets, that every year 3.4 million adults die as a result of being obese.Obesity causes numerous health problems that follows coronary heart disease, heart attack, infertility problems in women, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and also increased risk of cancer of the colon, breast, gallbladder, kidney and many other serious health problems.To get rid of this problem, it’s a must to do 30 minutes of exercise everyday.Apart from exercise you must include some herbal weight loss remedies to speed up your metabolism and to burn fat fast. 


Here are the 5 Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity

Herbal Remedy #1

Ingredients – Green tea, Cinnamon powder and Honey

herbal remedies for weight loss

Prepare green tea by adding 1 tbsp of green tea leaves to 1 cup of warm water.Bring the water to a boil and remove the vessel from the stove.Close the vessel with a lid and wait for 2 minutes.Strain the hot green tea into a cupadd 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and 2 tbsp of honey and mix well.You can take this slim tea anytime, but a maximum of 2 to 3 times not more than that.A highly beneficial herbal beverage for fighting obesity.


Green tea is loaded with many powerful antioxidants.EGCG, a potent antioxidant found in green tea has been associated with weight loss.This antioxidant helps lowers cholesterol, break down fats to use as energy and hence promotes weight loss.Honey recharges your body and boost your immune system and induces weight loss.Cinnamon reduces gastric problems, increases body metabolism and helps body burn fat at a fast pace.


Herbal Remedy #2

Ingredients – Garlic and Lemon water


Daily chew 3 to 4 fresh, peeled garlic cloves and after that drink a glass of warm lemon water.This one of the easiest and best remedy for weight loss.


This remedy is most effective way to lose belly fat.Garlic and lemon both are excellent fat burning foods.Garlic stimulates the oxidation of fat and hence reduces the fat deposited around your waistline.Lemon water detoxify your body, control hunger cravings and fight obesity.


Herbal Remedy #3

Ingredients – Lemon and Honey

Take a glass of lukewarm water, add 2 tbsp of honey and 1/2 freshly squeezed lime juice.Stir well with the help of a spoon.Drink this water every morning on an empty stomach and 1 hour before having your breakfast.A very beneficial home remedy for treating obesity.


This natural detox drink cleanses and purifies toxic substances from your blood, aids in proper digestion, boost body’s metabolism and hence aids in weight loss.

*Imp – If you are suffering from heartburn or severe acidity problem then do not drink this water on an empty stomach.You can take in the evening 30 minutes before having your snacks.


Herbal Remedy #4

Ingredients – Honey, Basil leaves and Ginger

gingertulsi paste

Add 2 tbsp of honey, 2 tbsp of basil leaves paste and 1 tsp of ginger paste to a glass of lukewarm water.Stir well and drink immediately.You can drink this anytime but to a maximum 2 times per day.


All the ingredients present in this herbal drink, possess powerful medicinal properties that boost body’s natural immunity to fight against various diseases, release stress, improves digestion, burns fat and aid in weight loss.


Herbal Remedy #5

Ingredients – Cumin seeds and Black pepper

Soak 2 tbsp of cumin seeds in a glass of warm water.Let it soak overnight.In the morning boiled this soaked cumin seeds with the water for 1 minute.Strain the water into a glass and allow the water to slightly cool.Add 1 tsp of black pepper powder to this lukewarm water and stir well.Drink this water half hour before your breakfast.


This herbal drink is one the easiest and effective way to lose weight.This drink reduces appetite, aids in proper digestion, increases body heat and supports weight loss.



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