9 Stylish Bindi Designs that you must try


Bindi is a symbol of tradition and style.It adds grace and charm to your overall personality.Bindi is easy to wear and comes in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors.Bindis are not only popular in India, but also internationally. Many Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Selena Gomez, Julia Roberts and many others have been spotted wearing this Indian fashion accessory.

Here are some cool, fashionable and stylish bindi designs that you can try, just using black eyeliner.This bindi designs are very simple and easy to make and looks good in Indian as well as Western outfit.

Here are the 9 stylish bindi designs that you must try


1.Snake Style Bindi

Want to look wild and fashionable?. then try out this snake style design.It is a very popular design that almost all villainous women of the small screen industry have worn it.To look best in this style pair it up with a black or a light color khaki shirt and blue denim jeans.

snake bindi design


2.Letter Style Bindi

Add a little fun to your style, experiment with a letter style bindi.Here I have designed a “S” letter style bindi that reflects the first letter of my name.

letter style bindi


3.Question Mark Style Bindi

To get that fetish, freaky look, try out this question mark style bindi which is created with just using blackliner.To complement the look pair it up with a black bordered cotton saree and thick black kohl eyes.

question mark bindi


4.Designer Bindi

This bindi style look magnificent when worn with designer sarees.To make this bindi style look more beautiful decorate it with stones, pearls and glitters.

designer bindi design


 5.Tribal Style Bindi

Accessorize yourself with this tribal style bindi.It looks absolutely chic when worn with long skirts and tribal print tops.To add a little funk to your look, draw 3 straight dots to the outer corner of your eyes.This bindi style is created using cotton bud, black liquid liner and bobby pin.

tribal style bindi


6.Flower Style Bindi

This is a simple yet sophisticated bindi design that can be achieved by drawing floral patterns.Looks absolutely beautiful when worn with embroidered kurtis and salwars.

flower style bindi


7.Party Wear Bindi Design

This bindi style looks best when worn with black sarees, lehengas and sequins work salwars.To add sparkle to the look, decorate this bindi with small golden and silver stones.

party wear bindi


8.Half Moon Style Bindi Design

This bindi design is very easy to make and looks best on square, long and heart-shaped faces.This is a Maharashtrian style inspired bindi design that goes well with silk bordered, deep colored sarees and salwars.

moon style bindi


9.Sun Style Bindi

A form of bindi style that represents the divine form of energy the Sun.To achieve this design make a little circle using a black eyeliner and draw thick and thin straight lines outwards to represent the rays of the sun.

sun style bindi



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