Want to make your flat nose look taller and sharper without undergoing any cosmetic surgery?..Corrective makeup is a technique in which you can hide imperfections and irregularities in the appearance of your nose and make them look thinner and attractive. Here are the step by step procedure and pictures on how to make your flat nose look taller and perfect.

nose taller and sharper

Things that you need

  • Brown lip liner pencil
  • Light brown or Bronze color eyeshadow.
  • Angular flat brush
  • Loose translucent powder



1.Draw two soft dotted lines down the sides of your nose using the lip liner pencil.Start at the brow bone, then work towards the end of your nose.Make sure the dotted lines are parallel to the middle of your nose.

dotted  lines nose1

2.Now join the dotted lines to create more defined and straight parallel lines.Both the lines must meet on the curve between your nostrils.

dotted lines 3

3.Blend the harsh lines using your finger or a makeup sponge.

4.Now to make your nose look sharper and prominent apply a little darker shade using the tip of an eyeshadow brush to the curve of your brow bone and then go halfway down your nose.Refer to the below image.

nose job123

5.Using a angular brush blend both the contour lines, down the sides of your nose.

6.To make your nose look more straight and to achieve a subtle look, apply 2 shades lighter loose translucent powder to the bridge of your nose and then extend towards the forehead and above the eyebrows.Yipee!! finally you have completed in getting that sharper and taller nose look.

nose taller and sharper1


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