There are so many natural and best ways by which you can lose weight, you don’t have to lose weight by using  some specific instrument or by starving or either consumption of any slimming supplements that may cause  side effect.Here I am presenting the best diet based practices which helps to lose weight naturally and effectively. Keep reading to get slim body naturally.

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Here are the best natural ways to lose weight:-

1.Exact Calories Requirement :

Before going for dieting, you must know, how many calories you require in a day.If you are inactive then  multiply your weight (in pounds) by 15. If you are little active, multiply your weight by 17; if you are energetic, multiply your weight by 20.

For e.g.  if your weight is 160 lbs then the total consumption of calories per day when you are inactive is 160*15= 2400 calories

So if you want to lose weight  you have to burn 500 calories  per day.So in a week you will burn 500*7=3500 calories to lose 1 pound. This way you calculate how many calories you required to lose weight.

2.Food Consumption :

Do not take very high-calorie foods.Consume food in small quantities ,do not take a heavy dose of food at a time.Overeating leads to obesity.Eating smaller meals aids in digestion.When you do not eat large meals, it is easier for your system to digest the food and further helps your stomach to gradually shrink.The next time if you feel like hungry then eat a little and settle for a while.

3.Fruits and Vegetables :

Vegetables and Fruits have most valuable fibers, vitamins and antioxidants.They are low in fats ,high in volume and are ideal for use in weight loss.Their intake does not cause obesity,so make sure you take at least 5  different kinds of  green vegetables per day.

4. Lose weight walking :

A recent study shows that walking 30 minutes a day prevents you from gaining weight.Add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine to lose 180 calories per day.

5. Don’t reduce your food intake largely:

When you want to lose weight there is no need to starve yourself.So do consume small supplies of food frequently.Blood-sugar level is largely impacted if you don’t eat regularly.

6. Fresh Foods:

Junk foods have high sodium and fat substance in it. You are more likely to lose weight if you consume natural food.

7. Eat what you like:

Eat your best-loved treat. It is acceptable to have cake at the birthday or any other parties.Just make sure your consumption is in control.

8. Carefully watch food packets:

All the ingredient of food item is provided on the food packet,do watch those and carefully choose those items which have low fat content.

9. Drink water juices:

Take at least eight glasses water per day.Juices are very good and have lots of vitamins.At least have 1 glass of of fresh fruit juice each day.Fruits like blackberry, grapes ,oranges, apple and watermelon are the best fruits that will help you to lose weight naturally.

10. Calorie Intake:

The best part is to keep noting your calorie intake on a daily basis.You can use the calorie calculator that will help you to manage and watch your weight so that you can cut off the extra calories to prevent weight gain.


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