best egg face mask

Give your skin an instant face lift and tighten loose skin with this anti-ageing and skin tightening egg face mask. This is one of my favourite egg 🥚 mask to get younger looking skin. It promotes firmness, reduce wrinkles and whitens your skin tone. It helps to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities from the skin pores thus leaving your skin feeling smooth, resilient and supple. It’s an all in one face pack and easy to make at home.

Now to make your skin look younger you don’t have to shell out extra money in beauty parlours or buy expensive anti-ageing products. Just few stuffs right from your kitchen and you are ready to discover tighten, glowing and younger looking skin.

Skin Tightening Egg Face Mask 

egg face mask

Beauty Benefits of using egg mask – What does egg white do to your face? 

egg face pack benefits – Egg are extremely beneficial for your skin. They are packed with natural vitamins, nutrients, proteins and fatty acids that repair skin damage, tighten skin pores and sagging skin, restores skin elasticity and vibrant texture, enhances skin tone and makes skin soft and smooth. The presence of bacteria killing enzymes in egg white is effective in treating acne/pimples and eliminating scars and other skin blemishes. Lemon juice and honey gives a fair and spotless complexion.

Things that you Need

egg facial mask

  • 1 Egg
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Tissue paper
  • Brush

How to Prepare Egg Mask

egg face mask tighten

To start, crack an egg into a small bowl, add fresh 1/2 squeezed lemon juice and add 1 tbsp of honey.Mix well to form a smooth paste.

Step by Step Procedure

1.Wash your face using a mild cleanser and pat dry.

2.Steam your face to open the clogged pores and to allow the face mask to deeply penetrate into your skin.

3.Take the leftover lemon peel and very lightly rubbed on your nose, chin and forehead.

4.Before you start apply the egg face mask, wear a thick hair band or tie your hair.

5.Now with the help of a flat brush, apply a thick layer of the egg pack and immediately cover that area with a small piece of tissue paper.

egg face mask 1

6.Repeat the above step until your entire face is covered with tissue paper.

7.Allow the tissue paper to dry for 5 minutes before you coat with another layer of egg.


8.Similarly, once again repeat the process and cover the egg pack with tissue paper.Leave the pack for 20 minutes or until it dries completely.

9.Gently peel off the tissue in an upward direction.Wash your face with cold water and then wipe your face with a cotton dipped in rose water.


10.Finally massage some moisturizer in circular motion to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing.



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