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how to get fair, oil free and glow skin

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Anonymous asked 1 year ago
My face is oily and looks tired.After coming from office i don’t know why my face look so dark ..I am 24 but my skin look as of 3o.I seriously want some help to make my skin fair & young.
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sneha snigdha Staff answered 1 year ago
It’s good to have oily skin, because their skin shows wrinkles and fine lines lesser than compared to others.You skin looks dark after returning home, not because your glands secrete excess oil, but your skin is more prone to dirt and dust in the air that it attracts that makes them look dark and dull.Here are some beauty treatments that can make your skin fair and glow and keep excess oil at bay.
1.Before you apply makeup wipe your face cold rose water.
2.Instead of using readymade translucent powder, use a natural powder by mixing 2 tbsp of fine corn flour powder and 2 tbsp of rice powder.Dab this powder on your face with a help of a makeup facial sponge.This controls excess oil build up and keeps your skin fresh and fair.
3.After removing makeup, always wash your face with ice cold lime water to enhance your facial glow.
4.Twice  in a week, apply fruit face pack.Blend  papaya, orange and strawberry to a smooth paste using 2 tbsp of yogurt.Steam your face and then apply this fruity pack.This rejuvenates and gives your skin healthy, radiant glow.For more you can browse my site where you can find lot of information on how to make your skin fair and glow.  Hope you find this useful 🙂 🙂