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Too much grey hairs at very young age

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Anonymous asked 1 year ago
Hi Sneha,
I have too much (more than half) grey hairs at the age of 28. Instead of using hair colors, is there any natural/herbal solution to get the black hair back. Please limit the ingredients which could be found easily in metro cities. The problem started around 10 yrs back.
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sneha snigdha Staff answered 1 year ago
Don’t worry..here are some excellent herbal remedies that can help you to get black hair back and also prevent further greying of hair.
Remedy 1 – Take 7 to 8 garlic cloves and soak them in hot coconut oil.Leave for a day.Gently massage this oil on your wet scalp.Do this 2 hours before taking your head bath..becoz you don’t want to smell like garlic the whole day 😛
2.Grate 1 potato and squeeze the juice, add few drops of lemon juice and massage onto the scalp.Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash using lukewarm water.This is an excellent remedy in 2 or 3 weeks you will see a noticeable difference.It turns grey hair to blackish.
3.Consume lot of onions, they are really helpful. They prevent balding of hair and makes your hair black.
4.Apply a paste of henna and amla powder by adding yoghurt.Apply the mask to your hair and cover using a shower cap.Leave for 45min to 1 hr and then rinse your hair followed by a conditioner.
5.Lack of nutrients and proteins can cause hair loss and hair greying.Pour the contents of 2 eggs in a bowl, add 3 tbsp of clarified butter and gently massage the mixture on your scalp.Apply some more and leave the mask for about 30 minutes.It’s yucky but it actually strengthens your hair from the roots and prevents premature hair greying.
Hope you find these remedies useful 🙂 🙂 :}