Lipstick is one of the most important makeup items that every woman carries in her makeup bag.It symbolizes beauty and femininity.A dash of lipstick adds a punch of glamour to your look.Lipsticks are meant to deliver irresistibly attractive and luscious lips.But the problem is it’s hard to keep in place and usually smudge, bleed or comes off even after a few sips of water.Long-lasting rich formula lipsticks which promise to stay in place also smear off after few hours, if not properly applied and maintained.Women who are blessed with naturally pink lips for them it doesn’t matter if lipstick comes off compared to the ones who have darker lips can cause embarrassment.

But don’t worry!! just master these 5 quick easy steps to make your lips look great and last all day long, so you don’t have to reapply throughout the day and worry about it anymore.


Follow these easy steps to make lipstick last all day long

1.Hydrate your Lips


The first essential step to help lipstick stay longer is to get your lips well moisturized and hydrated.Lipstick cannot stick smoothly to lips that are dry, cracked and peeled.Choose an intense nourishing lip balm with a non-drying formula.Lip balms that are rich in carrot seed oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil creates a smooth surface and better application of lipsticks.Let the moisturizer soak a bit before you move on to the next step.


2.Conceal Lips


Start with a creamy concealer.Take a pea-sized amount of the concealer and lightly smoothed over your lips.It keeps the color in place, provides better coverage and makes the color of your lipstick pop.Don’t use too much otherwise, you may end up with fine lines on your lips and around the mouth.


3.Line your Lips


Using a right lip pencil before applying lipstick intensifies the lipstick color, prevent lipstick from bleeding or feathering and gives a well-defined shape to your lips.For a soft, natural look, pick a lip liner that is one shade lighter than your lipstick shade.Go for lipstick that has a combination of both lipstick and lip liner.Choose pigment-rich matte lipsticks that provide a smooth gliding application and even finish without drying your lips.To start, lightly trace the natural lip line to give a definition to the lips.Once you have finished lining the entire lips, go ahead and give a gorgeous fill to the entire surface of your lips.



4.Pick the Right Lipstick


Choose lipsticks that have good staying power.A darker or brighter lip color has better lasting power because they contain more pigments compared to soft, pale or neutral lip shades.Pick a highly pigmented long-lasting formula matte lipstick which contains silicone oil to seal the color to your lips beautifully and to make lipstick stay all day long.Dab a layer of your favorite lipstick shade and then using a lip brush gently blend the color well to help your lipstick last longer.


5.Seal Color with a Tissue


This is the most important step of all.It provides a better finish and makes lipstick last all day long.Take a thin layer of tissue paper and place over your lips.Dip a makeup brush into translucent powder and gently dust over the tissue paper.It removes the excess oil and emollients from the first layer of lipstick thus leaving behind rich color pigments.Finally, finish off by applying a second layer of lipstick.

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