Have you ever wanted longer and thicker eyelashes naturally? If yes, then you have come to the right place.Ladies, say bye to those creepy oversized eyelashes and artificial lash extension that gives you an unnatural look with those scary side effects.You can make your lashes grow thicker, lustrous and super long by following these simple and super easy homemade remedies.Try using these remedies for 2 weeks and you will noticed a remarkable difference in the length, volume and darkening of your lashes.

Natural Remedies To Grow Longer and Thicker Lashes

1.Egg yolk and Glycerine Nourishing Eyelash Conditioner

longer eyelashesPrepare a homemade eyelash conditioner by mixing an egg yolk with 2 tsp of glycerin.Take a cotton swab and dip into this mixture and lightly apply on your lashes.Leave them for 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water.For best results do this thrice a week.

Benefits – This is an excellent conditioner for your lashes, it prevents breakage and promotes instant gloss, silkiness and incredible volume to your lashes.Egg yolk is rich in omega-3, Vitamin E, fat, micronutrients that combat dry, brittle lashes and promotes healthy, strong and thick lashes.Glycerin works as an excellent conditioner, it retains moisture and keep your lashes soft and lustrous.


2.Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil 

oiling eyelashes

Dip a mascara brush into the mixture of almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil, slightly warm the oil and then apply the mixture the same way just like you apply a mascara.Start from the root of your lashes, hold for 5 seconds and then proceed towards the tip of your lashes.Repeat this for about 4 to 5 times.Do it every night before going to bed.Oiling is the best way to make your eyelashes grow naturally long and beautiful.

Benefits – Almond oil is rich in Vitamin A, B and E that reduces thinning of eyelashes and makes the lashes healthy and Strong. Coconut oil promotes the growth of lashes and makes them darker and longer.Olive oil is rich in rich in vitamin E and oleic acid that nourishes and adds volume to your eyelashes.


3.Vitamin E Capsule and Aloe Vera Eyelash Serum


To prepare take a spoon of aloe vera gel and pop out a vitamin E capsule.Mix it well and with the help of a cotton swab rub it on your lashes.

Benefits – Vitamin E capsule helps the growth of lashes and makes them stronger and fuller.Aloe Vera hydrates and nourishes your lashes thus preventing the loss of hair from your eyelids.


4.Petroleum Jelly 

longer and thicker eyelashes vase (2)

Take some petroleum jelly and massage to your lashes and eyelids gently for 2 to 3 minutes before going to bed.Moisturizing is essential for your eyelashes to prevent the formation of dandruff like scales on eyelids, to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes.

Benefits – It accelerates blood flow and stimulates the growth of hair follicles along the lash line.Petroleum jelly contains emollient properties that helps your eyelashes grow quicker and longer naturally.


5.Shea Butter intensive Lash Moisturizer


Take some shea butter on your fingertips and gently massage on your lashes.Daily massage your lashes before going to bed.This is one of the easiest home remedy to lengthen lashes naturally.

Benefits – Shea butter contains vitamin B and Vitamin E that hydrates and deep nourishes the hair follicles making the eyelashes stronger, thicker and silky.


6.Cold Coconut Milk


Dip two cotton balls in cold coconut milk and place over your closed eyelid.Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then wash off with cool water.

Benefits – Coconut milk contains protein and fat that enhance the growth of eyelashes and adds shine and volume to it.


    • It also works fine..castor oil, olive oil, almond oil they all are rich in vitamin E, minerals which are extremely beneficial for long and thick lashes

  1. Dermalmd Eyelash Growth Serum work on me!! Also, as an added bonus, I no longer have hooded lid eyes. I guess that’s a side effect, less eye fat. So crazy, but I look way different in a good way! Even my boyfriend noticed and he never notices anything haha I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate me.


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