A facial is a best way to treat your skin, it cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin to help you reveal glowing, flawless and younger looking skin.But getting a facial treatment at a beauty salon is quite expensive and also no one has the time to visit beauty salon on a regular basis.So to help you get the best facial treatment, I have shared the step by step procedure on how you can achieve salon type facial at home.So girls go ahead, pamper your skin and make your skin glow with these salon style facial treatment.

salon style facial


Step by step procedure on how to do salon style facial at home



Before you start your facial, pull all your hair away from your face and make a ponytail.To cleanse your skin, choose a hydrating cleanser, squeeze a small amount and gently massage onto your face in circular motion for 1 minute with your fingertips.Wash your face thoroughly using luke warm water.It softens dead skin cells, removes impurities from the skin surface leaving the skin clean and smooth.




Toners are highly effective for oily skin type.They removes pollutants from the skin and imparts a natural glow.Rose water is one of the best and natural skin toner.Pour few drops of rose-water into a cotton pad and gently wipe all over your face, neck, eyes and ears.Rose water soothes, tones, controls excess oil secretion and maintains pH balance of the skin.



Take 3 cups of water in a large bowl and bring it to a boil.Remove the vessel from the stove and immediately drape a towel to steam your face.Do this for 10 minutes.This opens up the clogged pores and helps in the easy removal of stubborn blackheads and impurities.



Use any mild exfoliating scrub to remove dirt, blackheads and dead cells from the skin surface.Gently scrub all over your face and neck for 2 minutes with your finger tips, target mostly to the oily T-zone areas.Scrubbing shouldn’t exceed more than 2 minutes and shouldn’t be too harsh as it may strip away the essential moisture from your skin.

exfoliating scrub

DIY – Make your own polishing scrub by mixing 2 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of honey and then gently scrub this mixture on your face and neck to remove blackheads, dust and impurities from the skin pores.



It is the most important part of your facial.A good 15-20 minutes massage will boost your skin collagen and gives your skin a healthy glow.Choose any massage cream enriched with vitamin E to help hydrate and nourish your skin.Gently massage in upward strokes, start from the neck and then move towards the face.To make your skin more soft and glowing, wet your finger tips in cold rose water or cold milk and gently massage onto your skin.Remove the massage cream using a wet cotton pad.

massage cream

Tip – Tap your fingers vigorously for 2 minutes on your face to produce a vibration effect.Facial vibrations helps smoothes away wrinkles, stimulates your skin cells to give you a radiant, younger-looking skin.


Face Mask/Face Peel

Choose a facial mask/peel based on your skin type.Choose mud mask, orange face peel or lemon face peel mask to pamper your tired, dull and oily skin.Fruit face mask are best for dry and normal skin.Apply a thick mask using the help of a flat brush in upward direction.Meanwhile, place 2 thin cold cucumber slices over your eyes and leave the mask to dry completely.Remove the mask in an upward direction using wet towel.

salon style facial at home

DIY – Make your own homemade fruit mask by blending few slices of apple, papaya, banana, milk and honey. Apply the mask and leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

fruits face pack


Ice Cube Massage

Your facial is incomplete without ice facials.Place 2 to 3 ice cubes in a muslin cloth and gently rub on your face for 2 minutes to improves blood circulation, freshen your skin and to make your skin more glowing.


Moisturizing Serum

Finally finish off your facial by applying skin brightening moisturizing serum.Massage the serum onto the skin in circular motion.Serum deeply penetrates into the layers of your skin to help restore moisture and improve skin resilience.


To make your skin look beautiful, radiant and wrinkle-free try this salon style facial at home every month.


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