Today I will be sharing with you one of my favourite eyelook, the bold and beautiful blue cat eye look.It not only makes you eyes look cool and funky but also enhances your overall look and make your eyes look more attractive, more open and wider.Here are the detailed steps and pictures on how get this dramatic, mysterious blue cat eye look.

blue cat eyes makeup

Here are the detailed steps with pictures on how to achieve this blue cat eye makeup.

Things that you need:



1.Apply some creamy concealer under your eyes and then dab some sheer translucent powder.


2.Now to create the perfect eyeliner wing without getting messed up, cut a piece of sellotape and stick to your skin starting from the end of your lower lash line towards the end of the brow.


3.Now using the tip of the eyeshadow brush, apply blue eyeshadow directly above your lashes on your upper lash line.


4.Extend the blue color eyeshadow to the outer V of your upper lash line, just go along the direction of the sellotape.


5.Apply a silver eye shadow, across the entire eyelid and then extend it towards the crease line.Blend it for a better finish.


6.Using a liquid eyeliner gel or a liquid kajal draw a continuous line from the outer corner of your lower lash line extending half a way towards the pointed end of the brow.


7.To draw that perfect cat eyes, make a simple flick.Refer to the below image.


8.Once you have drawn the outline that is the cat-flick, go in and fill in the rest of the triangle.

9.Now pull it from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer V making a neat thin line.


10.Apply on the lower lash line, start from the outside corner of your eyes lining it about 1/4 of the way in.


11.Apply black mascara to the upper as well as lower lash line.


12.To complete the look apply a little bit of shimmer white on your brow bone.

eyemakeup11 (1)

13.To make your eyes look more like a cat you can wear a blue contact lens.


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