Have you ever been in a situation when you are running out of time..and, lo you open the makeup box to find your liquid foundation is over.Isn’t this quite irksome?.Well, I have found a beauty solution that can tackle this kind of problems.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own face foundation?.Now you can also create your own shiny cream based foundation at home in just a few simple steps.You can make this foundation without spending a single penny and all that you need is some common and unused items from you makeup box.

Just follow the below step-by-step procedure to achieve this creamy shiny face foundation.

Things that you need 

Moisturising Face Cream, Powder blush, Translucent powder, Loose Shimmer powder(optional), Bowl, Spoon or Spatula to mix and Nail cutter blade.

creamy foundation 1

Step 1

Gently scoop out some amount of moisturising cream with the help of a spatula.You can choose the face moisturising cream based on your skin type.If you have a oily skin then use a non-oil based moisturiser.

creamy foundation 2

Step 2

If you have a fairer skin tone then scrape out few amount of bright pink powder blush into the bowl with the help of a nail cutter knife or butter knife.Wheatish and dark skin tone can use orange or coral blush shades.

creamy shiny face foundation 3

Step 3

This step is optional but if you want to make a shine based foundation then add some loose translucent shimmer powder into the bowl.Adding translucent powder to your foundation gives your skin perfect coverage and intense shine.

creamy shiny foundation 5 

Step 4

Depending on your complexion you can choose a lighter or a darker color translucent powder.The translucent powder should closely match your natural skin tone.Just scrape out decent amount of translucent powder into the bowl.Translucent powder is the one that gives color to your foundation.

creamy shiny face foundation 4

Step 5

Finally, mix it well to form a glossy creamy paste.The foundation should be soft and smooth so that it gives an excellent coverage and even out your skin tone.


Step 6

Below is the image that shows how this foundation looks on my hand.

face foundation 7

Just try it and let me know if you find any difficulty in making this creamy shiny face foundation.If you have any concern or beauty suggestions then feel free to post your comments below.



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