Fuller and lush eyebrows are back, thicker eyebrows enhance your features, add a sensuous charm to your face and help accentuate your eyes.Gone are the days when pencil-thin eyebrows ruled the fashion industry.Welcome to the era of thick, intense and beautiful eyebrows.

thin eyebrows thicker naturally

But unfortunately, everyone is not blessed with a thick set of eyebrows.But, you don’t have to worry here are some makeup tricks and techniques that can help you to get that thicker and full eyebrows without making them look unnatural.

Here are the steps on how to make thin eyebrows look thicker

1.First, start by combing your eyebrow using an unused mascara wand.Brush your eyebrow by applying short upward strokes.

brush eyebrows

2.Now using a light color, eye pencil outline your brows to give them a shape.Choose a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your eyebrow hairs.

thick eyebrow

3.Once you have outlined the brows, gently go away and fill the brows with light, easy strokes.

eyebrow fill

4.Choose a slightly darker color shade compared to your brow pencil, start in the center of the brow and then gently work towards the brow end.


5.Using a Q-tip gently smudge the brow to give a natural effect.

6.Take a little concealer on a brush and apply beneath the brow and to the front of the brow to create a softer, fuller and natural look.

eyebrow thicker

7.Dab a little translucent powder to the front of the brow and finally you are ready to discover a set of thicker and fuller eyebrows.


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