Description of the Product

Nature’s Essence Bridal Glow Pack  is one of the effective face pack that has the goodness of rose and sandalwood oil.It is light pink coloured smooth paste that has the smell of roses.The paste-like or thicker consistency makes it easy to apply without splashes.It adds rejuvenated look and freshness to the skin.


Directions on how to use

Using a cotton cleanse your face and neck with rosewater.Apply the face pack evenly all over face and neck avoiding the areas around your eyes.Leave the pack for about 15 minutes or until the pack dries completely.Wet your face with cold water and gently start rubbing in circular motions to remove the pack.Once the pack is completely removed.Pat your face dry.



It adds glow to the skin, improves your skin texture and maintains youthfulness.It also softens the skin and remove acne and rashes as it has sandalwood oil that contains antimicrobial properties.

Key Ingredients

Rose ,Fuller’s earth and Sandalwood oil.

Ideal for the Skin Types

Normal to Oily skin types.

Advised to be Used

You can use it everyday.

Qty/Price of The Product

Nature’s Essence Bridal Glow Pack  60g for Rs 75


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