Try this “PIMPLE VANISHING COSMETIC POWDER” and you will not get even a single pimple.

If you apply this pimple vanishing cosmetic powder daily on your face then you will never face any pimple or acne problems.

Not only it will aid in removing pimples, but it also fights numerous skin issues that include large pores, excess oil secretion, blackheads, skin dullness, suntan and dark spots left on the skin after a pimple heals.

#pimple #summer #pores It is also beneficial in removing pigmentation marks plus it brightens the complexion and tighten enlarged pores naturally. You can use it everyday as it is made with only natural ingredients. Apart from following this beauty remedy you also need to follow this 7 useful tips to prevent and remove pimples and acne completely.

tip 1 – wash your face twice daily with a good cleanser

tip 2- drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily

tip 3- remove your makeup before sleeping

tip 4- minimize the consumption of oily and fatty foods

tip 5 – avoid touching your face

tip 6 – manage your stress

tip 7 – eat a well-balanced diet

List of products that are used in this video:

arrowroot powder –

calamine clay –

sandalwood powder –

tea tree essential oil –

peppermint essential oil –


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