Are you looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle and wondering where to go shopping for vegan skincare products and food? If so, you have come to the right place. We will give you all of the insider tips on shopping vegan and implementing a vegan lifestyle. 
Whether or not you’re new to veganism, shopping for and finding vegan products can be difficult, as vegan products only make up 20% of all food and beverage sales. This means that there isn’t as much shelf space dedicated to vegan products as others whether you’re shopping at a grocery store or a boutique. However, the vegan food industry is expected to grow by billions of dollars within the next few years, creating more demand for more products and education. So, if shopping for vegan products—from food to makeup—feels difficult right now, it’s going to get a whole lot easier as more brands begin venturing into the space.

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What Is Veganism? 

Veganism is the practice of not consuming or purchasing animal products or products that exploit animals. The vegan lifestyle extends beyond food and into clothing and shoes, skincare and makeup, accessories and cleaning products, and even car seating and home decor. Being a vegan isn’t just about adhering to a strict diet; it really is a comprehensive lifestyle change. Although switching to a vegan lifestyle can be a big change, there are many appealing benefits for your health, the environemnt, and of course,  for the animals.

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The Benefits of Using Vegan Products

There are several benefits to becoming a vegan beyond health and wellness perks. People choose a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons like personal beliefs, environmental causes, animal welfare and rights, and health necessities. Here are some of the common benefits of becoming a vegan: 

  • Improved Health – Just because people eat a vegan diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are only ingesting healthy foods and vegetables. There are many vegan products that could negatively impact your health; hello, chips and cookies, plant-based burgers and fries! However, studies show that a vegan lifestyle can promote health because it limits the consumption of animal products, which can be attributed to cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health issues. People who adopt a vegan diet may avoid higher incidences of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many other health problems. 
  • Peace of Mind – For many, consuming or using animal products or products that exploit animals can have a severe emotional impact. However, vegans have the peace of mind they aren’t contributing to cruel or inhumane processes that are the result of producing animal products at scale, for example in places like factory farms. 
  • Helping to Solve the Climate Crisis – The process of turning living, breathing beings into products and byproducts requires raising, feeding, and slaughtering animals—and this takes a huge toll on our environment. A vegan lifestyle helps halt deforestation, prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and stop soil degradation and water pollution—all things that are wrosened by animal farming 

Fewer and Cleaner Ingredients – When you switch to using vegan products—whether for skincare, food, or makeup—you will find that ingredient labels become more transparent and easier to understand. When it comes to vegan skincare, products are sometimes made with clean, non-toxic chemicals. You may notice a difference in your health and skin after switching over.

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Where to Shop for Vegan Products 

If you’re ready to hit the ground running and begin shopping for your new favorite vegan products, you may be wondering where you should shop. Chances are your favorite grocery store has vegan sections dedicated to animal-free products from food to skincare. Here are our favorite places to shop for vegan beauty products, food, and everything in between. 

Vegan Boutiques or Specialty Stores – Do you have any vegan co-ops, boutiques, or grocery stores close by? Do a quick Google search to find out. The results may surprise you. As veganism becomes more popular, we may begin to see more vegan-only stores pop up. 

Farmers Market – Does your town have a local farmers market? If so, you may be able to shop for vegan products from local vendors who make and sell vegan products. This is a great place to find vegetables, animal-free products, and other unique vegan products too. 

Your Local Grocery Store – Next time you head to the grocery store, be sure to keep an eye out for vegan sections. Usually, you can find refrigerated vegan products like tofu and meat substitutes in the refrigerated section next to eggs and butter. Vegan skincare and lifestyle products are usually located in aisles next to makeup or lotion. Vegan snacks can usually be found in the snack aisle. 

Shop Online – If you’re shopping for vegan makeup, you may have luck doing some research online where you can find products from vegan brands or locate vegan products at larger stores or from major distributors. There are many indie vegan brands that offer new and innovative vegan products you will love. 

Tips for Shopping Vegan Products 

As you begin shopping for vegan products, it’s important to take your time and look for certain product indicators that ensure you are purchasing vegan, cruelty-free products. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping: 

  • Look for the certified vegan icon.
  • Double-check “cruelty-free” items, as not all are vegan.
  • Shop local if you can.
  • Read the ingredients. 
  • Check out the fine print.
  • Ask associates for a vegan section.
  • Do your research if you’re not sure if a product is vegan.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time to stock up on the right ingredients.
  • Try to shop for produce that’s in season to get the best quality.

Are you ready to begin your vegan lifestyle? While this change can be overwhelming and a lot to process, we hope that this article has made shopping for vegan products feel more accessible. Luckily, vegan products are entering the market at record speed, and we predict that access to vegan products and resources will become more practical and realistic as more people convert to veganism. And remember, being a vegan isn’t just about eating vegan products; it’s a complete and total lifestyle change that requires you to re-evaluate how you interact with products like makeup, skincare, clothing, and accessories.


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