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How can I make my underarms fair and soft?

Beauty ForumCategory: Skin Care ProblemsHow can I make my underarms fair and soft?
Anonymous asked 1 year ago
my armpits are really dark and also rashes.how to get rid of this problem,,I have been using whitening creams to make my underarms fairer but the situation has worsen.after using whitening products rashes has appeared.wht should i do to prevent rashes and make underarms fairer and soft.Tell me some quick remedies..i need urgently.
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sneha snigdha Staff answered 1 year ago
First of all you need to stop using harmful whitening creams and sprays because they contains harsh chemicals that can cause severe rashes and darken your underarms, because the underarm area is very sensitive and also use of this products for longer time may cause breast cancer, and also don’t shave your underarms. 1.Remove your hair using a homemade wax made with honey and brown sugar. 2.Rub cold slices of potato or cucumber everyday. 3.Massage your underarms with warm coconut oil and lemon juice to improve blood circulation and makes your underarm skin smooth and soft. 4.Exfoliate using sugar and lemon scrub. 5.Make a paste of neem leaves, add 1 tsp of turmeric and rose water.Apply this pack and leave for about 15 minutes.Rinse using lukewarm water.The antibacterial properties in neem and turmeric kills odour causing bacteria that causes underarm skin darkening.Follow this for  1 week and you will get fairer and soft underarms.Hope you find this information useful 😀