Have u ever tried creating water marble using neon colors? Try it out! Neon polishes are best for summer, they make your nails look funky, bright and fresh.They can be paired with almost any outfit.Try this neon flower water nail art design that I have made using colors like fluorescent green, pink, yellow and orange.Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure, pictures and finally a water nail art video to help you in creating sparkling neon flower nails.

Steps on how to create water marble nail art: sparkling neon flower nails

Things that you need:


  • Four bright neon color nail polish for water marbling,
  • White nail polish for base coat
  • Clear glitter nail polish for top coat
  • Glass
  • Cotton swab
  • Safety pin
  • Vaseline


1.Apply two layers of white base coat and allow it to dry completely.

2.Fill a glass with filtered water.You can use slightly warm or room temperature water.Do not use cold water as it can cause the nail polish to dry quickly thus preventing it from spreading on the water surface.

3.Before you start water marbling, keep all your bottles open and ready.Your windows closed and Ac or fan in off mode.

4.Apply some vaseline to prevent the nail polish from sticking onto your skin around your nails.

5.Pour few drops of nail polish onto the water surface.Now drop second color nail polish on top of the first color.Repeat and continue the process with different colors until it forms concentric rings.Keep a gap of 2 to 3 seconds between each drops of nail polish.

neon water marble nails

6.Now using a safety-pin create a flower design.Start from the outer edge and drag towards the center, repeat until you get the shape of a flower.

neon flower nails design

7.Once you have completed with your design, position your finger to the best part of the water mark to colour your nail.

8.Dip your finger nail into the water and blow on the surface of the water to make it dry.

neon water nail art

Check out this quick video

9.Clean the excess polish using a cotton swab.

10.Allow your nails to dry completely and then apply glitter nail polish to add sparkle and shine to it.

neon water marble nail art


  1. which brand nail polishes are they?? i guess envy nail polishes which are available in helath and glow? am i right? can u please do reply me?? plzz am waiting….


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