Nail art is a creative and fun way to paint nails.It’s an ultimate way to accessorize yourself.Even a simple nail art, adds a touch of glamor and class to your casual looks.

So what are you waiting for? get yours now!.Revamp those pale, dull nails with these gorgeous nail design and be the talk of the town.Here are the 12 easy nail art designs ideal for both short and long nails and nail art newbies.


Easy Nail Art Design #1

gorgeous nail design

This irresistibly red-hot nail is dedicated to all glamorous divas who want to be the talk of the town.You can pair it with almost any red and white outfit.Apply 2 thin coats of red nail polish.Using a toothpick and q-tip create a smaller and bigger white dots at the base of your nails.Finish it off with a high shine top coat.I really love this nail design.It looks like just you’ve stepped out of a nail salon.


Easy Nail Design #2

nail art design

This trendy nail art piece is a must-wear for beginners.To get this look, paint your nails pink and then using a silver polish make a flower design on one side.Finally, finish it off with a clear top coat.If you wish, you can fill the flower with tiny silver dots.


Easy Nail Design #3

simple nail design

Floral nail art gives your nails a fresh and attractive look.This pretty nail design can be worn in spring/summer.Start off, by applying 2 layer of the white base coat.Let it dry completely and then using a toothpick create a few random dots and a small flower towards the tip of your nail.Sea green, aquamarine, ocean blue nail colors are ideal for this nail art. Later, apply a transparent top coat.


Easy Nail Art Design #4


Add some color to your nails this summer.Try this super cute nail art.Pair with a pretty floral or white dress.Start by applying a clear top coat.Let it dry completely and then make some stars, moons and geometric shapes with soft or delicate shades of nail polishes.


Easy Nail Art Design #5

easy nail designs

Refresh and refine your summer with this cool gradient nail design.To create the gradient effect, you can choose different shades of the same color or any 3 different bright colors that blend well together.Apply a thin white base coat.Leave to dry completely.Take a sponge, soak in water and then squeeze the excess water out.Paint 2 coats of each color over the wet sponge in the order, you would like them to be on the nail.Gently dab on your nails.Repeat for a better coverage.Dip a toothpick into white nail color and make small dots on one side of your nail.Finish it off with a clear glitter polish.


Easy Nail Design #6

nailsart (1)

Ultra-chic and glossy piece of nail art for all those stunning beauties out there.It looks difficult but quite easy.To achieve this nail art, you need a sellotape, scissor and 2 different bright and dark shades of nail colors.Start by applying a bright color for the base.Let it dry completely.Now use the tape to give different shapes by placing the tape at various angles and then painting your nails with a dark nail color.Once it dries, carefully remove the tape and apply a clear top coat for shine.


Easy Nail Design #7

simple nail art design

If you really like floral nails, then here’s one for you.A sparkling nail design for all nail art lovers.It is a gorgeous addition to any outfit.Apply a layer of transparent glitter nail polish.Let it dry completely.Using a toothpick make a tiny flower.Create a small dot in the center of the flower with the same glitter nail polish and 4 tiny dots to complete the stem.


Easy Nail Art Design #8

nail designs

If you are a busy lady and you don’t have much time to spare, then this nail art piece is for you.I started with 2 coats of hot pink nail polish and left it to be dried and then I added 6 t0 7 diagonal strips using a silver color nail polish over the pink base.Finally, finish it off with a clear top coat.


Easy Nail Art Design #9

sparkling nails

Paint the town red with this super sizzling hot red nail.Apply 2 thin coats of red nail polish.Let them dry completely. Grab your golden nail polish and draw two diagonal lines (thick and thin) across your nails.Apply a clear top coat for a high shine.Pair it with any red, black or golden party wear outfits.


Easy Nail Art Design # 10

cute nail art design

This black and white French manicure looks pretty classy and royal.Start off, by applying a transparent base coat. Allow it to dry completely.Line the tip with a black nail polish.You can use a piece of sellotape across the tip of your nails for a neat smooth line.Fill the tip with a white color nail polish and then using a toothpick create tiny black dots.Finish it off with a clear gloss.Looks great when paired with polka skirts, tops, shirts or short dresses.


Easy Nail Art Design #11

nail art designs

A cute and easy bee nail art design for kiddies.I started with 2 layers of warm, rich yellow for the base coat and then using a brown color polish I created 3 horizontal lines.For bee eyes, I added two small white dots and then circled it with the same brown polish and finally two dots in the middle of the white ones.For a more colorful and happy look paint all your nails with a contrasting colors.


Easy Nail Art Design #12

easy nail design

Fun, easy-to-do and colorful nail design for all college going girls out there.This design is all about a colored flower spread over a white base.Start by applying a layer of white polish as a base coat.Let it dry completely.Place 3 to 4 random dots half way down your nails.Extend across the tip of your nails and fill it for a neat finish.Use a dark shade for the border.Apply a layer of clear top coat for high gloss.



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