Have you ever wished to have sculpted, attractive and toned arms? Having those flabby arms makes you feel self-conscious and makes you look a little out of proportion even if you have normal weight.You feel embarrassed and quit wearing sleeveless dresses and tops.But don’t worry! Now with just 7 easy moves you can get perfectly toned and slimed arms.You don’t have to invest buying costly equipments and waste time at the gym.These exercises are super easy and very effective to reduce excess arm fat.

7 Best Exercises to Reduce Excess Arm Fat

1.Arm Circles

A very easy and effective exercise to tone arms, underarms and to improve shoulder flexibility.You can do this exercise anywhere, anytime while watching TV or listening to the radio.This exercise can be done while sitting or standing based on your comfort.

arm circle

Targets – Upper arms, Underarms, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders.

1.Comfortably sit on a mat and extend your arms straight out to the sides, your arms should be held parallel to the ground.

2.Now rotate your arms in small, circular motion.

3.Do in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

4.Repeat for 20 times each in both the direction. 


2.Arm Flapping

This is another fun way to lose arm fat fast.All you have to do is flap your arms just like birds flap their wings.This exercise release stress and tension from your body, sculpts your arms, shoulders and hand.


Targets – Upper arms, Lower arms, Underarms, Shoulder and Hand

1.Comfortably sit on a mat and extend your arms straight out to the sides.

2.Slightly bend your elbows and flap your arms to feel that you are flying.

3.Do this arm flapping for 3 counts, followed by a hand clap over the head.

4.Repeat this process for 20 times. 


3.Arm Pulldown Exercise

This exercise tones your arm muscles and eliminate excess upper back fat.You can do this exercise without using any weights or special equipments.

arm pull down

Targets – Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Upper Back Fat

1.Raise your arms up straight over your head.

2.Close your hands tightly and pull down your arms close towards the sides of your chest.

3.Hold the position for 5 counts and then release.

4.Repeat for 15 times.


4.One Arm Side Stretch

This exercise stretches your arms, chest and upper back muscles.This arm exercise is really fun to do.Just maintain the rhythm and and you will feel like you are dancing.

side stretching

Targets – Arms, Shoulders, Triceps and Upper Back Fat

1.Bend your elbows and keep your arms close to your chest.

2.Stretch one arm out and to the side and then return to the original position.

3.Similarly Repeat for the other arm.

4.Do this exercise 25 times each with alternate arms.


5.Swing Arms

This exercise may look easy but it really works.If you don’t like running, then this is the best alternative for you.This exercise tones your upper body, arms, shoulders and biceps.


Targets – Arms, Biceps, Shoulder and Underarms.

1.Stand straight with your head up and feet a little wide apart and arms down at your sides.

2.Keep your body still and just swing your arms forward and backward.

3.Move your arms faster and continuously for 2 minutes to burn excess arm fat.


6.Triple Raise Exercise

Triple raise exercise is one my favorite arm toning exercise.It’s super easy and can you do it almost anywhere.This exercise also tones and shape your upper body.


Targets – Arms, Shoulder, Biceps, Upper body and Underarms.

1.Comfortably sit on a mat and extend your arms in front at chest level.

2.Your arms should be parallel to the ground.

3.Raise your arms above your head and then slowly return to starting position(arms at your chest level).

3.Similarly raise your arms to the left side and then return to the starting position.Repeat for right side.

4.Perform for a total of 15 repetitions.


7.Shoulder Rotation Exercise

This is an easy, relaxing exercise that you can do after you have completed all of the above 6 exercises.This exercise strengthens your shoulder muscles, releases tension and reduces your arm fat.Make sure you do this exercise in a right way otherwise it’s not effective.Check the below steps.


Targets – Shoulder, Arms and  Underarms

1.Place your palms on your shoulders and rotate your shoulders.

2.Make sure the elbows touch each other slightly at every rotation.

3.Do this 10 times each for both the direction, clockwise and anticlockwise.



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