Flaunt your nails this summer with these irresistibly gorgeous and trendy nail designs.They are fun, creative and compliments your outfit.These crazy bright and bold designs will definitely make a fashion statement wherever you go.The best part is that to achieve these trendy and beautiful nail looks, you don’t need any professional nail brush or tools.

Here are the 7 trendy nail designs with step by step procedure and pictures.

1.Dew Drops Nail Art

Try this fresh, mesmerizing nail design that gives the impression of water droplets sitting on the top of the leaves.


How to do

Things that you need – Light green, dark green, sponge and clear nail polish.

dew drops nail art


A.Pour two drops of light and dark green polish on a plastic plate.Do not mix the colors, keep them side by side.

B.Take a sponge dipped into the nail polish and gently dab it onto your nails.

C.Repeat the same until the entire nail is covered.

D.Now make 5 to 6 dots using clear nail polish on one side of your nails.


2.Cascade Style Nail Art

Cascade style nail art are the perfect wear for summer beach parties.They make your nails look delightful and attractive.

casacade style nail art

How to do

Things that you need – White, pink, dark blue and clear nail polish.

trendy nail art cascade


A.Apply a thin layer of white color nail polish as base coat and allow it to dry.

B.Draw three vertical lines using the pink polish.The three line must be in continuous form and each line must be shorter than the preceding one.The ends of the vertical lines must be semicircular and not flat.

C.Similarly, overlap dark blue color polish.Refer to the above image.

D.Once the nails dries completely, apply a topcoat for shine.


3.Reverse Color Half Nail Floral Design

If you want to make a stylish statement with your nails, then try out this creative nail art that is done by painting your nails half one color and the other half in another color, and then creating flowers with alternating colors.


How to do

Things that you need – Yellow and white color nail polish, toothpick and cellotape.

reverse color nail art


A.Cover half of your nail with a cellotape.

B.Now paint the exposed space on your nail using white color polish.

C.Remove the tape and apply yellow color to the other half of your nail.

D.To make a flower, create 5 white dots in a circle on the yellow colored part.

E.Drag each dot to the center of the circle and dot the center of the flower with a yellow nail color.

F.Repeat the same for the other half of your nails.


4.Color Block Nail Art Design

Get this super cool trendy nail art look by simply alternating two contrasting colors on each block.

block nail design steps

How to do

Things that you need – Blue, silver glitter nail polish and clear nail polish for top coat.

block nail art


A.Colour half portion of your nails vertically with blue polish and the other half with silver polish.

B.Now apply one half of the nail with silver polish to form two squares similarly fill the other half with blue polish to form two squares.

C.Finally complete the look by applying a topcoat.


5.M Shape Trendy Nail Design

Here is another trendy nail design that can be achieved by painting horizontal letter M onto the nails.

M shaped trendy nail design

How to do

Things that you need – Light green, golden and clear nail polish(top coat).

m shaped nail steps


A.Apply two thin layers of green color nail polish and allow it to dry.

B.Draw a horizontal M shaped letter using golden color.

C.Apply a topcoat to protect nails and for shine.


6.Colourful Polka Dot Nail Design

Polka dot nails are the most simple and cute way of designing your nails.It’s all about creating coloured dots circles of same size and equally spaced.

polka design nail art

How to do

Things that you need – Pink, orange, green and yellow color nail polish, eyeliner brush, plastic plate and clear nail polish for top coat.

trendy nails polka design


A.Apply two layers of white color nail polish and allow it to dry.

B.Pour few drops of pink color polish onto a plastic plate.

C.Dip the back side of the brush into the color and gently dab it onto your nails to create dots.

D.Create three equally spaced dots of the same color in a horizontal row.

E.Repeat the same for other nail colors.

F.Apply a topcoat to prevent chipping and to give a high-gloss shine.


7.Vertical Stripe Nail Design

Stripes are one of the most classic prints that you can try on your nails.If you have short nails go for vertical stripes and long nails choose the horizontal stripes.

Stripes nail art

How to do

Things that you need – Black and silver color nail polish, nail striper or thin nail brush and clear nail polish for top coat.

stripe nails trendy nails


A.Apply two layers of black color nail polish as base coat and allow it to dry.

B.Draw 3 vertical lines using the silver color polish.Make sure you equally spaced these vertical lines on your black color nails.

F.Finally apply a topcoat for a high-gloss shine.


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