Open or large pores make the skin appear coarse, rough and aged.People with oily or acne-prone skin tend to have large pores.It usually occurs in the T-zone areas because the skin produces more oil in this areas.There are many remedies to minimize the appearance of large pores, but it takes time to achieve the desired result.Using the right makeup technique can make your skin look poreless and flawless.It’s the only quick fix to disappear large pores in seconds.

enlarged open pores1

Just follow these 4 simple tips to make large pores disappear in seconds.

1.The first step is to start with an ice facial to constrict large pore size and keep the face fresh and oil-free for a long time.After washing your face thoroughly, with a mild exfoliator, wrap some ice cubes in a muslin cloth and gently massage on the face for about 2 minutes.Target mostly to the specific problem areas, such as enlarged pores, clogged pores and excess oily areas.

large pores



2.Before you start applying the foundation, moisturize the skin well to give the skin a better surface to adhere and to fill in your enlarged pores so the skin surface looks smooth and even.


3.Here comes the most important makeup technique to hide large pores in seconds.Use any cream based or liquid foundation and apply small dots of the foundation all over the face.Take a fluffy, fat powder brush and apply it in a buffing motion.


Gently move the brush in a small circular motion several times in one direction.This makes the large pores instantly invisible and provides a better coverage.

hide large pores



4.Finally, pat a thin layer of translucent mattifying pressed powder and using a finishing brush dust off any excess powder.Mattifying powder controls excess oil, sets the foundation well and gives you a luxurious silky flawless finish.

mattifying powder


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