Lose weight, boost your immunity and get gorgeously beautiful skin from the inside out by nourishing body with these 3 magical detoxifying drinks.Loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients they recharge and super energizes your body, slows down the ageing process and being extremely low in fat and high in water they promote weight loss, hydrate the skin and gives you a toned body and a healthy, glowing complexion.Try out this magical drink for weight loss and glowing skin.


Magical Drink for Weight Loss and Glowing Skin

1.Aloe Vera Juice

aloe vera juice


  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Honey

Take an aloe vera leaf and washed it thoroughly.Cut into two halves and with the help of a knife, scoop out 3 Tbsp of aloe vera gel and mix with a glass of water.Add 2 Tsp of fresh pure honey and stir well until the aloe vera gel and honey dissolves completely in water.Drink up!

Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera gel is also known as “wonder gel”, is packed with over 200 nutritional compounds, 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins which is great for a healthy body and skin.

  • It reduces inflammation.
  • Remove harmful toxins and impurities from the body.
  • Reduces capillaries wall swelling and water logging.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Purifies the liver.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.
  • Increase oxygen levels and boost in energy.
  • Nourishes and strengthen the intestine wall.
  • Containing just about 99% water it keeps your body hydrated and supports weight loss.
  • Aloe vera keeps your skin healthy, hydrated and prevents premature ageing.


2.Bottle Gourd Juice


  • Bottle Gourd
  • Lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Black salt to taste
  • Mint Leaves
  • Ginger Powder

Blend 2 cup of bottle gourd peeled and cut into cubes with 4 to 5 fresh mint leaves and a little water until smooth.Filter and strain the juice into a large glass.Mix 2 Tbsp of lemon juice, 1 Tsp of black pepper, 1/2 Tsp of ginger powder and 1 Tsp of black salt.Stir well and drink it.It is one of the most effective and magical drink for weight loss and glowing skin.

Benefits of Drinking Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd also known as lauki in India is one of the low-calorie vegetable which contains less than 20 calories per 100g.This simple vegetable is rich in minerals, vitamin c, dietary fiber and water.

  • Being high in dietary fibre and water, it promotes weight loss.
  • It aids better digestion and helps ease problems related to constipation.
  • Keeps your body hydrated and cool because of the high water content in it.
  • Bottle gourd treats urinary infection.
  • It prevents early greying of hair.
  • Treats sleeping disorders.
  • It regulates blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy and active.
  • It cleanses the system, purifies the blood and thus promotes healthy, pimple-free and younger-looking skin.


3.Green Tea

green tea


  • Organic Green Tea
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon Powder

Add 1 Tbsp of green tea leaves to 1 & 1/2 cup of warm water.Bring the water to a boil and remove the vessel from the stove.Close the vessel with a lid and wait for 2 minutes.Filter and strain the hot green tea into a cup, add 2 Tsp of honey and 1 Tsp of cinnamon powder.Mix well and enjoy every sip.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest and slimming beverage in the world.It is loaded with powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols and health-benefitting nutrients.

  • It relieves stress and improves mood.
  • The antioxidants in green tea help lowers cholesterol and prevents a range of heart-related problems.
  • Improves body immunity and fight diseases.
  • Break down fats to energy and promotes weight loss.
  • Improves brain function and makes you sharper and smarter.
  • Lower the risks of various types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Green tea enhance longevity and lower the risk of dying from heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  • It gives you an ageless glowing skin.



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