Stretch marks are noticeable lines on the skin surface that are caused due to the rapid stretching of the skin that leads to dermal and epidermal tearing.Stretch marks are mainly common during pregnancy, other reasons such as hormonal changes, sudden weight loss or weight gain and hereditary factors.Stretch marks mostly occurs on the fatty areas of our body such as lower belly, thighs, upper arms, hips, lower back and breasts.

Stretch marks aren’t harmful but it makes you feel uncomfortable about the appearance.However, there are number of creams available in the market to diminish stretch marks but it takes long time to show results.These natural remedies that I have shared with all give instant results, they completely remove stretch marks fast and makes the appearance of the skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Here are the 8 Amazing Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks Fast


1.Papaya and Aloe Vera Gel

papaya aloevera gel

Aloe vera and papaya contains essential vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that repairs damage skin cells, moisturizes the skin, improves skin elasticity and decreases the appearance of stretch marks.Blend ripe papaya pulp thoroughly to make a smooth paste.Cut open an aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel.Mix the gel with the papaya paste and massage on the affected area for 10 minutes daily in circular motion.


2.Sugar and Honey

honey pack

Make your own stretch mark remover scrub.Mix 2 tbsp of granulated brown or white sugar and 3 tbsp of honey.Slightly warm the mixture and gently scrub on the affected area for 10 minutes.Rinse using lukewarm water.This scrub removes the layer of dry, dead skin cells to reveal the radiant, youthful skin underneath.For best results scrub this mixture daily in the morning before taking bath.


3.Warm Almond Oil and Vitamin E

Mix 4 tbsp of almond oil and the contents of vitamin E capsule.Slightly warm the oil and massage gently onto the stretch mark affected skin area for 10 minutes in upward and circular motion.It keeps your skin hydrated and supple, reduces skin discoloration and improves the appearance of stretch marks in few weeks.


4.Egg White

This is one of the best natural remedy to remove stretch marks fast.Break 2 eggs and separate the egg whites into a bowl.Dip a flat brush into this mixture and apply onto the affected area.Allow it dry completely and then remove using cold water.It heals damaged skin, rejuvenate skin cells and fights stretch marks.For best results use every alternate days.


5.Sandalwood Powder and Milk

milk pack

Mix sandalwood powder with few drops of milk into a smooth paste.Store it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.Now apply this cold mixture on the stretch mark area and leave it to dry for about 30 minutes.Rinse with cold water.Sandalwood soothes the skin and lightens stretch marks whereas milk moisturizes and refines the skin texture.



remove stretch marks fast

This is one of the easiest way to remove stretch marks fast.Take 3 tbsp of unsalted melted butter and gently massage into the stretch mark affected area for 5 minutes.It’s intense moisturization fortify the skin, provides deep nourishment and repairs stretch marks.For best results massage twice daily to the affected area.


7.Glycerin and Rosewater

Glycerin and rosewater mixture works as an excellent skin toner.It hydrates and moisturizes to prevent intense skin dryness, roughness, itchy skin and eliminates stretch marks.To use, moisten a cotton pad with this toner and apply to the stretch mark affected areas.


8.Banana and Avocado

Mashed ripe banana and avocado pulp into a smooth paste.Massage this paste on the affected area for 5 minutes, apply some more and leave it for about 10 minutes.Rinse with cold water.This mask deep moisturizes skin and help erase stretch marks and fine lines.It heals and firms the skin, leaving it untouchably soft and smooth.


  1. I have stretch mark on my belly for long time,tried soo many thing but not removed.
    I am looking for some good homemade remedy for my mark.u have many remedy all ar amazing,,,,will try one …papaya and aloe vera gel.Thanks


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