Make your skin look fabulous, flawless and younger with these super easy and quick makeup tricks.These are some of the most effective and fun makeup tricks, that I follow to make my skin look beautiful.So,try out this tips if you really want to achieve a faultless makeup look.


1.Applying blush the right way gives the illusion your face is slim, sculpted and lifted.So here is an instant makeup trick to lift the cheeks.Take your thumb and place on the top of the ear and your forefinger placed just below the nostril.Move your finger gently upwards so that you can feel your cheekbone.Now using a blusher highlight your upper cheekbones when doing so move your brush in circular motion and gently apply short to and fro strokes.This gives you a rosy and sculpted cheeks.

makeup tricks blush


2.Mix few drops of cold milk to your foundation and then apply on your skin.It is very helpful for dry, flaky skin.It sets the foundation well and gives you a smooth, even-toned and natural finish.For those who have oily skin can mix few drops of rose water, to get that oil-free look and silky smooth finish.


3.If you want to keep your makeup look fresh and intact for long time, then spray little ice cold water after you have completely finished your makeup.It removes the powdery effect, gives your makeup a long-lasting flawless finish and keeps the excess oil at bay.



4.Sometimes, concealer can make your eyes look cakey and unnatural, so to avoid this gently massage a moisturizing eye serum and then follow-up with a moisturizing concealer.It prevents creases around the eye area and allows the concealer to go on smoothly.

concealer tricks


5.If you have small eyes and you want to make them pop then follow these 2 easy makeup tricks

First tip – Use whiteliner to line your waterline instead of a black, to open up your eyes and gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

Second tip – Use a light shimmer eye shadow to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

eyes shimmer


6.Want to make your flat nose look sharper and taller than just apply a little bronze or dark color eyeshadow down the sides of our nose and loose shimmer translucent powder to the bridge of your nose.This gives a perfectly thin and slim nose appearance.


7.Mascara is one of the most used everyday cosmetic.It enhances your overall look.Here is a quick tips to lengthen and lightly stretch your lashes.When applying mascara keep your mascara want straight and then sweep several times on your lashes.It gives you a long and separated lashes.

masacara trick


8.One main concern for those with oily skin, is the makeup doesn’t stay long, it wears off in just few hours.So here is a simple trick that can help you out.Before applying translucent powder just dab a facial tissue to get rid of excess oil from your face and then follow-up by a translucent powder.


9.To prevent your lipstick from bleeding and make them stay long, gently apply a layer of foundation on your lips before applying the lipstick.Once you have applied one coat of lipstick, place a tissue paper between your lips and press your lips together.Re-apply the lipstick once more.

makeup tricks lips


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