Night creams are the ultimate solution to restore your skin’s youthful beauty.Your skin’s cell renewal happens mainly at night, and night creams are specially formulated to support this process. Night creams, deep nourishes and hydrates your skin, it gives your skin an opportunity to repair the daily wear and tear caused by makeup, pollution, dirt and UV rays.It replenishes your skin with vitamins and moisture lost during the day and helps restore skin elasticity and vibrancy.

To get better skin while you sleep, it is important to know the 5 easy tips to get the maximum benefits from your night cream.

5 Tips to Get Maximum Benefits From Your Night Cream


facial toner

Want to get the most out of your night cream? Then apply the cream to your damp skin for quick absorption and deep moisturization.Soak a cotton pad in chilled rose water and dab onto your face.Rose water hydrates, rejuvenates, refresh, soothes skin and helps to maintain skin’s water balance and also applying the cream to a damp face help seal the hydrating benefits from the rose water deep into the skin.


Warm up Your Night Cream

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Place a small amount of night cream onto your fingertips, then rub your fingers together.The heat will liquefy the cream making it more easily absorbed as you massage into the skin.


Right Way To Apply Night Cream

The right technique to apply night cream: Start by spreading across the forehead, down the nose, across the cheeks, across the chin, on the neck and on the chest.Lightly massage the cream in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers.This technique helps evenly spread the moisture all over your face, increases circulation, minimize puffiness, lifts and firm the skin.


Natural Night Cream Enhancer

night cream enhancer

For sensitive, dry, and very dry skin, try adding a few drops of avocado oil, vitamin e oil or jojoba oil to the cream to boost your skin moisture barrier and for a maximum glow.Those with oily or acne-prone skin can add 2 drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to the cream to prevent acne and pimples.If you are suffering from wrinkles and fine lines try adding a few drops of vitamin c serum to your night cream.


Timing is Important

right time

Always apply night cream just 10 minutes before you go to bed.It is important to allow your skin to absorb the cream.For those with very dry skin can apply your night cream 5 minutes before going to bed.


  1. Great tips, for applying night cream …beautifully explained and demonstrated step by step.


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