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I will be sharing my personal experience with Jovees aloe vera gel that I recently bought it from a beauty store. Aloe vera has always been one of my favorite natural beauty ingredients because of its amazing soothing and skin softening properties.Mine is a dry skin, so I love the way aloe vera relieves my skin dryness and moisturizes it without giving it a greasy feel.


Description of the Product Jovees Aloe Vera Gel With SPF-15

jovees aloe vera gel

The packaging is pretty attractive.It’s a nice green color gel that comes in a transparent see-through plastic tube similar to a face wash gel.The flip-open cap makes it easier to use and also a convenient option for carrying them in your handbag.

This aloe vera gel is quite rich in texture, light fragrance and provides a sun protection of SPF-15.I have tried many aloe vera products, but Jovees aloe vera gel is superior to all others.Unlike other aloe vera gel in the market which contains aloe vera gel as the only active ingredient, Jovees aloe vera gel has the added benefits of other skin loving ingredients that includes carrot, green apple, cucumber extracts and also honey.That means your skin reaps the maximum benefit from this aloe vera product.


What the Product Claims – Jovees Aloe Vera Gel 

jovees aloe vera gel product review

This Aloe Vera Gel has been produced using latest scientific methods to help retain the properties of plant extracts and herbs thus protecting your skin from itching, dryness, sunburns and for healing skin wounds.


My Experience with Jovees Aloe Vera Gel

I am a great fan of aloe vera gel because of its highly rich beauty vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizing properties.I have been using Jovees aloe vera gel for last 5 days and my dry skin looks unbelievably soft, bright and smooth.I really love this miracle gel.I like the refreshing smell it has and the light formula absorbs quickly into my skin.It feels a bit sticky upon application, but once it absorbs completely, it gives a smooth and a non-sticky feel.I usually keep this aloe vera gel near to the wash basin, so that I can use it right after a shower or after cleansing, to lock in moisture into my skin.It’s also a best facial moisturizer for summer.

aloe vera gel product review

Sometimes, I use it as a mild face wash to remove any surface dirt and impurities.With an SPF of 15, I use this aloe vera gel as a sunscreen and also to heal minor rashes or sunburns caused by overexposure to UV rays.

Well! I find it’s a great product and I will definitely buy it forever until I find something better than this.


How to Use

jovees aloe vera gel review

  • Apply all over your face and body before and after sun exposure to protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Simply use it on your face as a soothing day moisturizer.
  • You can also use it as an exfoliating gel face wash by mixing it with a tsp of baking soda or a salt.
  • For glowing skin, simply mix a tsp of this aloe vera gel to your favorite night cream and massage all over your face.



1.The light, non-sticky formula absorbs instantly into the skin and doesn’t give you that greasy feel.

2.It has SPF-15 for better sun protection.

3.It Quickly soothes and calms sun burnt skin.

4.It has a refreshing smell.

5.It diminishes the swelling and redness of pimples or acne.

6.Contains green apple, carrot, and cucumber extracts that give your skin a radiant glow.

7.It also has honey, a great moisturizer and antibacterial agent beneficial for acne-prone skin.

8.You can also use it as a light face wash to remove surface impurities or makeup.Place a small amount in your hand and gently massage it into your face for 2 minutes and rinse off.

9.You can also use it after waxing to calm inflammation and soothe redness.

10.It is easy to use.

11.Convenient to carry.

12.Easily available and affordable.


1.I didn’t find anything bad except that it’s not 100% aloe vera gel.It contains aloe vera gel plus the extracts of other skin nourishing ingredients as active ingredients.

Suitable For Skin Types – All Skin Types

Qty / Price  – 100g / Rs. 115

Product Rating – 4/5


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